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Analytics of site promotion in search engines

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Website search analysis is the process of evaluating a website's performance on search engines such as Yandex, Google and Bing to determine its position, visibility and optimization to improve results.

Goals of analyzing the site

  • Determining the position of the site in the search engine and its visibility for users
  • Identification of errors and problems that interfere with the ranking of the site in search engines
  • Optimizing the site to improve its position and increase traffic
  • Analyzing competitors and determining the strengths and weaknesses of the site

Parameters for analyzing the site

  • Site metrics such as search engine indexation, Yandex XI, Reviews, AGS filter and security checks
  • Site links and search terms
  • Internal optimization, including meta tags, server response codes, technical errors and duplicate content
  • Attendance, including approximate traffic volume and geography of visitors
  • Technical condition, including loading speed and other parameters important for the correct operation of the site
  • Analysis of domain metrics and technical characteristics of the site

Tools for analyzing the site

  • KeySo - a service for website promotion that allows you to perform a comprehensive analysis of your website, including checking positions, analyzing web traffic, monitoring the technical state of pages and analyzing domain metrics
  • MegaIndex - an application that allows you to find and analyze the visibility of queries for which the site takes positions in the search engines for a given region
  • GoogleSearchConsole - a service that allows you to get detailed information about the technical state of the site and its SEO-indicators
  • Yandex Webmaster - a service that allows you to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the site, including the analysis of positions and visibility of the site in search engines, CTR analysis and other parameters.

Results of site analysis

  • Report on the site's position in the search engine and its visibility for users
  • List of errors and problems that prevent the site from ranking in search engines
  • Recommendations for optimizing the site to improve its position and increase traffic
  • Competitor analysis and identification of the site's strengths and weaknesses

Website analysis in search engines is an important step in optimizing a website to improve its position and increase traffic. With the help of various tools and services you can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the site, identify errors and problems, and get recommendations for optimization. Regular analysis of the site allows you to monitor changes in the search results and adjust SEO strategy to achieve better results.

Order promotion analytics

We will help you automate the process of checking a web resource for a number of key SEO-significant factors that affect its position in the search engines' rendition


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