Links for website promotion

Links play an important role in the promotion of the site, as they help to increase the authority and popularity of the resource, which has a positive impact on its ranking in the search engine

Linkbuilding for your website

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The essence of site promotion with links is to increase the network of donor resources that provide quality and relevant links to your site.

Types of links for website promotion

Various types of links are used for link promotion of a website including:

  • Natural links, which are obtained through a natural process, such as when other sites link to your content
  • Perpetual links, which are placed on authoritative topical sites and carry more weight than temporary links
  • Leased links, which are placed on donor sites for a certain period of time

Channels for placing links

There are various channels for posting links, including:

  • Special link exchanges, such as PRposting, PRNEWS.IO, GoGetLinks, Miralinks, which offer to choose suitable by subject and indicators donor sites and order the placement of a link to the desired resource
  • Industry portals, which have high authority and can be used to place links
  • Forums, where natural links are allowed within the framework of thematic discussions

Selection of donor sites

When selecting donors for placing links, it is important to select different types of resources, with different CPI and age. Sites should also differ in IP-address and hosting. Form a link portfolio should be made up of different types of links, so that search engines favor natural and eternal links, or links that have been placed for a long time.

The importance of quality links

The quality of links plays an important role in website promotion. You need to choose donor sites that have high authority and relevance to your content. It is also important to choose link anchors that are relevant to your site's content.

In general, link promotion is an effective way to increase the authority and popularity of the resource, but it is important to choose high-quality and relevant links, as well as to use different channels for placing links

Building a link profile

The aggregate of all links pointing to a website and its individual pages, and is an integral part of SEO promotion


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