Collection and processing of semantic core

A well-assembled and processed semantic core is the key to improving your site's search engine ranking, increasing conversions and improving behavioral factors

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A set of key queries that describe the site and what is hosted on it

Are you tired of feeling like your website isn't reaching its full potential? Are you struggling to attract and engage with your target audience? The solution lies in the foundation of your online presence: the semantic core of your website.

A well-designed, assembled, and clustered semantic core is the key to boosting your site's search engine rankings, increasing conversions, and improving both external and internal behavioral factors. It is the foundation of your online strategy, and it is essential that it is put together correctly.

Ordering a semantic core collection at SEO-Surfing, you will get a comprehensive analysis of the structure, content and keywords of your website. Our experts will identify gaps and opportunities, providing you with a roadmap to optimize your site for search engines and users.

Semantic core

Identify the queries that users enter into search engines to find the information they need, and use these queries to attract targeted traffic to the site

What is a semantic kernel?

Unleash the full potential of your website: Order semantic core collection today!

Semantic core (SC) is an ordered set of words, their morphological forms and word combinations that characterize the type of activity, theme or content of the site. Semantic core of the site is made on the basis of search queries of users, taking into account the subject of the site. The purpose of creating a semantic core is to attract targeted traffic to the site, that is, users who are looking for information, services or products offered on the site.

Semantic kernel helps to promote the site in search engines, and competently selected semantic kernel is one of the most important tools in the work of SEO-optimizer.

Semantic kernel can be collected with the help of various tools and methods such as:

  • Analyzing user search queries
  • Studying competitors
  • Using services such as Yandex Wordstat or SEMrush
  • Brainstorming based on the range or services offered on the site

The semantic core can be structured in the form of clusters that unite similar in meaning queries. This allows you to distribute key phrases on the pages of thematic sections or general sections of the site, which makes it easier for users to find information and makes the resource more useful.

In general, semantic kernel is an important tool for SEO-optimization of the site, allowing to attract targeted traffic and improve the position of the site in search engines.


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